Drop-In Dance and Fitness Classes

Busy schedule? We’ve got you covered.

As adults, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to commit to an entire term of dance or fitness classes. Busy work days, home emergencies, and more limit our availability, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want the same experience of being in the studio!

Drop-in classes for the 2024/25 season will be available later this summer. Not all adult classes will have drop-ins available based on studio space, full-term class size, and availability. Drop-in space in each class is subject to the number of drop-in students each week.

Drop-in class notes and policies

Due to the primarily drop-in nature of post-secondary classes, please note that these classes might be cancelled on the day should not enough students be registered. Dancers will receive updates via email should a class that week not run.

Drop-in dancers are not automatically on our notification lists should classes need to be cancelled due to inclement weather. We post class cancellation notices on our Instagram and Facebook stories, and encourage drop-in dancers to check these platforms before making their way to the studio should the weather be iffy to drive in.