Registration Process

In order to minimize in-person interactions and streamline registration for all of our GLS families, the following registration process will be in place for Fall 2021 registrations and beyond.

Our office team has been working remotely since March 2020, with limited scheduled in-person availability. We are happy to answer questions through our contact forms, via email, and by phone. If an inquiry necessitates in-person contact, please reach out to us digitally and we will work with you to find a mutually available time. Thank you for your understanding!

Step 1: Pre-approved classes

All families who have danced with GLS before will be receiving a list of pre-approved classes by email and a copy of their current balance or credit with the studio. All accounts must be settled before registering for the new season. If you have any questions about your pre-approved classes after receiving them, please email the studio. For families new to the studio, please email us for class recommendations.

Step 2: Register online

Registration opens on Wednesday July 26th for all families. An email will be sent out to returning families at that time with a link to our registration form. You will select your classes at this step in the process and submit them to our team for processing. Please note that due to the number of registrations, there may be a bit of a delay in receiving your confirmed class schedule as our registrations are processed manually.

Step 3: Payment

Once your registration has been processed by our team, you’ll receive an invoice and confirmed class schedule. Payments can be made online this year by credit or VISA debit. In order to speed up registrations, we are not accepting e-transfers or payments by phone at this time. Please contact the studio for technical assistance if you have difficulties with the online payment processor. If payments are not made within 72 hours of receiving your invoice, your registration will be cancelled and your spot will not be saved.

Step 4: Get ready for dance!

After your payment has been recorded and processed by our team, you will receive a confirmation of payment and a detailed class schedule. Please note that our payment processor and studio management system are not fully integrated, so there may be a delay in receiving confirmation. Our dress code is available on our website.