2023/24 Class schedule

Class schedule and availability current as of: March 9, 2024

Dress code

How to register for classes

Registration at GLS happens solely online. Families returning to the studio will receive pre-approved classes in the summer for the fall, and are pre-registered in subsequent terms. Dancers move up levels on a yearly basis every fall, or by a teacher’s recommendation.

Families pay a $25 admin fee for each dancer registered upon submission of the registration form. A final invoice will then be sent once your registration is complete. Please be patient with us – registration is a manual and time-intensive process, so there may be a bit of a delay in submitting your registration form and receiving your next steps!

Trial classes: At this time due to the popularity of our programming, we do not offer any trial classes. Please contact us for more information on finding the right class for your dancer!

RAD graded & vocational ballet classes in winter term: Please note that our dancers in most graded and vocational classes will be preparing for exams in the winter term. New students will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, however to ensure the success of our exam students, these classes cannot slow down or go backwards to accommodate new dancers.

Recital classes in spring term: Please note that many of our spring term classes will be focused on learning choreography for our recital. New students will not be allowed in these classes until the fall term. These classes have been noted on the schedule and class guide, and we encourage prospective dancers and parents to reach out via our contact form to inquire about their interest in a class.

Term dates and closures

2023/2024 term dates

Fall Term: September 11, 2023 – December 16, 2023 (14 weeks)
Winter Term: January 8, 2024 – March 9, 2024 (9 weeks)
Spring Term: March 18, 2024 – June 15, 2024 (14 weeks)
62nd Annual Recital: June 21-22, 2024


Most classes in the winter and spring terms are a continuation of the fall term. Dancers remain with the same class until our 2024/2025 season.


2024 Recital Important Dates

Photo Day: Saturday June 8, 2024

Show 1 & 2, Ballet Production* Rehearsal: Sunday June 16, 2024

Show 3 Rehearsal: Tuesday June 18, 2024

Second Ballet Production* Rehearsal: Wednesday June 19, 2024

Show 1: Friday June 21, 2024 6:00PM

Show 2: Saturday June 22, 2024 10:00AM

Show 3: Saturday June 22, 2024 3:00PM

The Ballet Production is for students in RAD Grade 3 and above.

Studio holiday closures
Thanksgiving Monday October 9th, 2023
Halloween Tuesday October 31st, 2023
Christmas Holidays Sunday December 17th, 2023 to Sunday January 6th, 2024 (inclusive)
Family Day Monday February 19th, 2024
March Break Monday March 11th, 2024 to Sunday March 17th, 2024 (inclusive)
Easter Weekend Closed Friday March 29th, 2023
OPEN Saturday March 30th, 2024
OPEN Monday April 1st, 2024
Victoria Day Monday May 20th, 2024

Register for dance classes

Registration for our 2024/25 season opens summer 2024. Fill out the form below to be notified when registration is open for new families.


Payment policy

Most classes run as a continuation of first term, please inquire at the office about any new class openings.

Ask about our price reduction for each additional class and/or family member!

  • 2023-2024 dance fees are determined by length of class. Contact us for further information.
  • Annual registration fee of $25 per student.
  • $25 NSF fee
  • Exam, competition and recital expenses are additional.

Refund policy

A $25 non-refundable fee is applied to every registration, payable immediately upon submission of the registration form. Prior to the start of classes, a 50% refund will be offered. After 3 weeks of classes beginning, no refunds will be given. Unfortunately, we are unable to give refunds for classes missed due to events outside of our control, such as inclement weather or government restrictions.

COVID-19: We are unfortunately unable to provide any refunds for classes missed due to close contact isolation, however we do provide credits on family accounts for dance missed due to the studio being closed during lockdowns.

Tuition late fees

Fall tuition must be paid in full within 72 hours of receiving your invoice, otherwise your registration will be cancelled and the spot will open up to other students.

Families with a payment plan in place for the Winter Term will be charged first term fees within 72 hours of receiving your Winter Term statement, on January 24th, and on February 21st. A late fee of 10% per month will begin on October 4th for any unpaid fall term fees.

All tuition fees from previous dance seasons and terms must be paid up prior to registration or the student will not be allowed to register for the current/upcoming term.

All tuition fees from first term must be paid up prior to the start of second term (January 8th, 2024) or the student will or the student will not be allowed to re-register for second term.

Make-up classes

Feeling sick happens, we get it! In order to provide the best class experience, we ask that parents email the studio in advance if their dancer is going to be missing class. Make-up classes will be available at the studio’s discretion based on class level and size, exam preparations, recital choreography, and/or other factors.

We will do our best to accommodate dancers who miss classes, however who consistently miss classes or do not notify the studio promptly of absences may have future requests for make-up classes denied.

At times, students may be instructed to attend a make-up or additional class directly by teachers. Communication for make-up classes from teachers will happen through the studio email system.


Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may occur. By registering for classes and paying the class fees, you agree to be bound by this waiver. I/we (the dancer and/or parent/guardian) assume all risks related to participation in Greta Leeming Studio of Dance’s dance and fitness classes. I/we agree to release and hold harmless Greta Leeming Studio of Dance including its teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by the studio from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I/we do not hold Greta Leeming Studio of Dance liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage as a result of participating in dance and fitness classes. Furthermore, I/we agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for my/our behaviour in addition to any damage I/we may cause to any property utilized by myself/my dancer during dance and fitness classes. I/we agree that cancellations may occur due to lack of enrolment in scheduled dance classes, and that Greta Leeming Studio of Dance is not required to refund deposit fees due to cancellation. I/we agree to abide by any rules or instructions laid out by GLS staff before, during, and after class times and agree to comply with health and safety protocol. By submitting your registration form and class fees, you agree to abide by the terms laid out in this waiver and all other protocols set out by Greta Leeming Studio of Dance.

Recreational recital fees

Costumes for our recreational and ballet departments are ordered at the beginning of term 3. Dancers and families who do not notify the studio before the second week of term 3 that they are not attending term 3, or are attending but not participating in the recital will be charged the recital costume fee.

Other recital costs such as photos, videos, and recital tickets are not included in class fees and will be paid for separately to the vendors who supply those services (photographer, videographer, and theatre).

Competitive costumes and fees

Competitive costumes remain the intellectual and physical property of GLS and the respective choreographers for the full duration of the competitive season. All competitive fees including choreography fees, GLS competitive fees, and entry fees paid to the studio or to the competitions are non-refundable.

Photo/video implied consent

Upon any class registration, implied consent is given to use any photographs taken for use in studio publications including the GLS website or other electronic forms of media. If you do not consent you have the option to decline permission by notifying the studio office in writing.

Greta Leeming Studio of Dance - Ottawa Dance Studio - Recreational Competitive Adult Toddler - 30 rad ballet dancers running into exam room with their character skirts

Shop for dancewear

We polled our GLS community for the best places to shop for uniform and other dancewear in Ottawa, and here is where they recommended! Please note that not all local stores will carry all uniform pieces.

Brio Bodywear

Two locations on Bank Street and Richmond Road

Brio Website


Located at Merivale and Meadowlands

Malabar Website

Figure 8 Skate Specialists

Located on Industrial Ave by Trainyards

Figure 8 Website

Audrey’s Costume Castle & Dancewear

Located just off of Industrial and St Laurent

Audrey’s Costume Castle Website