Greta Leeming Studio of Dance - Ottawa Dance Studio - Recreational Competitive Adult Toddler - Faculty - Celina D'Orazio

Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Administration, GLS Dance Camp Director/Coordinator

Celina D’Orazio

B.FA, B.Ed

Celina is a proud GLS alumni who trained extensively for 15 years in genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical & Contemporary. She joined the GLS competitive team at the age of 8 and has competed all throughout the United States and Canada. She has also successfully completed various RAD and ADAPT examinations. Celina then pursued her training at Ryerson University in their Performance Dance program. Celina has performed on several renowned stages by many famous choreographers and has been recognized for her outstanding work as a performer and choreographer. Celina is the Lipson Family Endowment 2020 Award winner for her excellence in Choreography and Performance. After graduating with distinction from Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Performance Dance and Minor in English, Celina attended York University where she received her Bachelor of Education. Now being a certified teacher, Celina strives to promote dance and the arts in the education system. Celina has been teaching dance in Ottawa, and other cities throughout Ontario for 7 years. She is also the GLS Dance Camp Director and Coordinator. Celina is very passionate about her craft and hopes to share her love for dance with all her students!