BeDance Ottawa 2023 Recap

Hello from BeDance Ottawa! This past weekend was a great competition for both our part-time and full-time competitive teams. Congratulations to all of our dancers who placed, our choreographers for their amazing dances, and everyone who participated!


Part Time

Part Time Mini Small Group

4th Place – Apple Tree

Part Time Junior Solos

8th Place – Emma (Born to Entertain)

7th Place – Nicolas (When You’re Smiling)

5th Place – Kiran (Goody Goody)

3rd Place – Chloe (The Fairy Doll)

2nd Place – Anna (Do My Thing)

1st Place – Miles (Extraordinary)

Part Time Junior Duo/Trio

1st Place – Meet Me at the Roxy

Part Time Junior Small Group

1st Place – Choo Choo Ch’Boogie

Part Time Junior Large Group

1st Place – Un Jour a Paris

Part Time 12 & Under Discipline Awards

Ballet – Un Jour a Paris

Jazz – Don’t Rain on My Parade

Part Time Intermediate Solos

6th Place – Lauren (Midnight Man)

5th Place – Hana (Angel of Music)

2nd Place – Kaleigh (Lost Without You)

Part Time Intermediate Small Group

1st Place – Puttin’ on the Ritz

Part Time Intermediate Large Group

1st Place – Love Me Right

Part Time Senior Solos

8th Place – Torrie (At Last)

7th Place – Gianna (So Cold)

6th Place – Alizee (The Left Hand Refers to the Moon)

2nd Place – Adelaide (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)

Part Time Senior Small Group

1st Place – Islands

Part Time Senior Large Group

2nd Place – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Part Time 13 & Over Discipline Awards

Ballet – Masquerade

Tap – Puttin’ on the Ritz

BE Part Time 13 & Over

Highest-scoring competition across all categories.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Overall Choreography Awards

13 & Over – Celina (Islands)

Greta Leeming Studio of Dance - Ottawa Competitive Dance Team Ballet Tap Jazz Lyrical Contemporary - BeDance Ottawa April 2023 - Kira Roger Post-Secondary Education Scholarship Winner

Post-Secondary Education Scholarship Winner

Congrats to senior GLS dancer Kira on winning a $1500 scholarship for her university education next year!

Kira went through a detailed application process before competition and was selected for this scholarship based on her dance experience, scholastic merit, and post-secondary career goals.

We are so proud of you!

Full Time

Full Time Mini Solos

5th Place – Mia (Cooties)

4th Place – Madison (My Boyfriend)

3rd Place – Jolie (Waves)

2nd Place – Aila (Petite Valse)

Full Time Mini Small Group

2nd Place – Hold That Tiger

Full Time Mini Large Group

1st Place – Spell on You

BE Mini

Highest-scoring competition across all categories.

Runner Up – Spell on You

Full Time Junior Solos

15th Place – Cassie (If I Were a Bell)

12th Place – Amira (Come By Fire)

11th Place – Lacey (Forget Me)

10th Place – Charlotte (City Lights)

9th Place – Dahlia (Giselle)

7th Place – Natalia (Epilogue)

6th Place – Camden (Show Off)

2nd Place – Mikayla (Queenie)

1st Place – Juliette (Dancing Queen)

Full Time Junior Duo/Trio

3rd Place – I Can’t Do It Alone

Full Time Junior Small Group

1st Place – Class Act

Full Time Junior Large Group

1st Place – The Candidate

Full Time Junior Line

1st Place – Be Our Guest

Full Time Junior Choreo Award

Be Our Guest

Full Time 12 & Under Discipline Awards

Ballet – Mexican Hat Dance

Lyrical – Helium

Tap – The Candidate

BE Junior

Highest-scoring competition across all categories.

Be Our Guest

Full Time Intermediate Solos

8th Place – Xander (We Are In Love)

3rd Place – Genny (Lost)

Full Time Intermediate Duo/Trio

4th Place – Puss n’ Boots & White Cat

3rd Place – Mirletons

Full Time Intermediate Small Group

2nd Place – Chronicle

Full Time Intermediate Large Group

2nd Place – All That Jazz

Full Time Intermediate Line

3rd Place – Kill the Lights

BE Intermediate

Highest-scoring competition across all categories.

Runner Up – Chronicle

Full Time Senior Solos

15th Place – Bridgit (1, 2 Step)

13th Place – Kira (Insomniac)

11th Place – Ava (Into Dust)

7th Place – Sabrina (Heaven)

6th Place – Sarah (Moving the Line)

1st Place – Daniella (I Am Catastrophe)

Full Time Senior Duo/Trio

3rd Place – Grooveline

2nd Place – Seguidilla

Full Time Senior Small Group

2nd Place – Burn

13 & Over Discipline Awards

Tap – Snap

Lyrical – Burn

Best of BE




Scholarship Winners