MOVE Gatineau 2023 Recap

Welcome to competition season 2023! A fantastic start to the season this year with MOVE Gatineau. Congrats to all of the dancers who competed, placed, and really shone out on the stage this weekend.



Mini Solos

2nd Place – Jolie (Waves)

Junior Solos

2nd Place – Cassie (If I Were A Bell)

1st Place – Camden (Show Off)

Junior Duet/Trio

2nd Place – I Can’t Do It Alone

Mini Groups

3rd Place – Shake a Tail Feather

Junior Groups

2nd Place – Willamania

Senior Groups

1st Place – 3 Beams and an Imaginary Line

Junior Line/Extended Line

1st Place – Footloose

Intermediate Line/Extended Line

3rd Place – Kill The Lights

Junior Top Score

1st Place – Camden (Show Off)


Discipline Awards

For the highest scoring numbers in each discipline in 11 & Under and 12 & Over categories

Tap 12 & Over – Grooveline

Musical Theatre 12 & Over – All That Jazz

Finalists & Final Dance Off Results


Mini/Junior – 2nd Place – Camden (Show Off)

Intermediate – 3rd Place – Xander (We Are In Love)

Senior – Daniella (I Am Catastrophe)


Mini/Junior – 2nd Place – I Can’t Do It Alone

Intermediate – 2nd Place – That’s Life

Senior – Grooveline

Groups/Lines/Extended Lines

Mini/Junior – 2nd Place – Footloose

Intermediate – 3rd Place – Kill The Lights

Senior – 3rd Place – 3 Beams and an Imaginary Line


Scholarships & Special Awards

Ballet Scholarship – Xander

CDX Scholarship – Sarah

“She Can Move” Award – Daniella

Adjudicators’ Choice for “Most Potential” – Camden