Shine Gatineau 2023 Recap

Just got home from Shine this weekend and it’s another great competition in the books for our part-time team! Congrats to all of our dancers on their hard work!


Munchkin Group

2nd Place – Apple Tree

1st Place – Stupid Cupid

Junior Solo

3rd Place – Chloe (The Fairy Doll)

1st Place – Miles (Extraordinary)

Junior Duo/Trio

1st Place – Meet Me at the Roxy

Junior Small Group

3rd Place – Choo Choo Ch’Boogie

2nd Place – Heigh Ho

Junior Large Group

2nd Place – Un Jour a Paris

1st Place – Don’t Rain On My Parade

Intermediate Solo

4th Place – Kaleigh (Lost Without You)

3rd Place – Hana (Angel of Music)

2nd Place – Anna (Do My Thing)

1st Place – Kiran (Goody Goody)

Intermediate Small Group

2nd Place – Puttin’ On The Ritz

Intermediate Large Group

2nd Place – Masquerade

1st Place – Love Me Right

Senior Solo

4th Place – Gabby G (Black Car)

3rd Place – Alizee (Left Hand Refers to the Moon)

2nd Place – Adelaide (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)

Senior Small Group

2nd Place – Clearest Blue

1st Place – Islands

Overall Top 5

5th Place – Miles (Extraordinary)

4th Place – Love Me Right

Top Discipline Awards

Ballet – Heigh Ho

Contemporary – Islands

Jazz – Love Me Right

Tap – Kiran (Goody Goody)

Young Choreographer

Munchkin/Junior – Talia (Stupid Cupid)

Junior – Talia (Extraordinary)

Senior – Celina (Islands)


Junior – Lauren (Don’t Rain On My Parade)

Ultimate Shine Award

2nd Place – Don’t Rain On My Parade

1st Place – Love Me Right

Ultimate Shine Studio Award

2nd Place – Greta Leeming Studio of Dance